Linux for Jornada 820 Related Mailing-lists

For coordination among hackers and alpha-testers, the main rendez-vous is the Jornada820 mailing-list. The list is usually calm, with sudden surges of high traffic that involve the gory details of penguin entrails and computer hardware and software oddities. For people with a solid stomach, or those who want to be aware of the latestest progress.

If you're mostly interested in using the machine, you may rather want to subscribe to the Jornada mailing-list at It mainly discusses the experiences of trying out ways to installation linux on one or the other model of HP Jornada handheld computers. Rather low traffic. May or may not apply to your case.

Finally, deep kernel hackers may or may not profitably subscribe to the Linux-Arm-Kernel mailing-list, too.

In any case, rather than subscribing to any of thoses lists, you may prefer perusing the archives, reading the documentation on said sites, and querying Google with a specification.

Be seeing you!

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